Plant Mixed
Foam Bitumen

Hiway Group has been successfully developing new construction methods and applications of plant mixed foamed bitumen for both new construction with new quarry materials and for rehabilitation projects using existing pavement materials.


New pavement construction

Rehabilitation of existing pavements

Production of maintenance patching materials

Stockpiling application, for extended working times


More cost effective than full depth asphalt

Similar strength to asphalt

Resilient pavement material less prone to flood impacts

Longer working time relative to comparable products

Strong, durable and flexible pavement layer

Plant Mixed Foam Bitumen Stabilisation

Plant mixed foam bitumen stabilisation base provides a structurally sound pavement that has proven to be resilient particularly in areas of regular flooding and inundation. The foamed bitumen materials use less bitumen than a full depth asphalt but deliver similar strength and create a resilient base course pavement layer.

Hiway Stabilizers is pioneering the use of plant mixed foam bitumen to be manufactured using alternative waste streams, existing roading infrastructure materials as well as premium quality imported materials. All constituent materials are sorted and graded to ensure high quality outputs for the finished product. The plant mix process provides a high level of control around foam bitumen materials manufacture. The outcome is a cost-effective and environmentally superior solution for the construction, rehabilitation and maintenance of new or existing pavements.

All constituent materials are sorted and graded to ensure high quality outputs for the finished product.


Hiway Group is pioneering and researching the use of plant mixed foam bitumen stabilisation in a stockpile that can be utilised for a period up to 28 days or longer. This approach offers a better value proposition for councils and shires that require varying tonnages throughout the month. Hiway Stabilizers is working with regulators to ensure compliance to Australian and New Zealand standards for stockpile applications.

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Design & Project Management

Hiway Group’s engineering team has extensive experience in pavement design and project management.

We offer a range of consultancy services, from pavement investigation, sampling and analysis to bitumen 'foamability' testing and foamed bitumen mix design.

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