Foamed Bitumen

Hiway Group has proven expertise and experienced construction teams with specialist capabilities in foamed bitumen stabilisation, using either in-situ equipment fitted with computer controlled systems or by plant mixed foam bitumen mobile plant techniques.


Remediation of failed pavements

Strengthening of existing pavements

Construction of new pavements

Repair of cracked, rutting road

Maintenance patching

Area-wide pavement treatments

Seal smoothing

Improving riding qualities


More cost effective than traditional methodologies

Considerably cheaper than deep lift asphalt

Produces a strong, durable and flexible pavement, with viscoelastic performance similar to asphalt

Proven treatment for mitigation of pavement deterioration due to freezing and thawing

Excellent flood resilience and pavement permeability reduction

Conserves diminishing aggregate resources

Significantly reduces or eliminates excavation volumes

Quick turn-around process minimises inconvenience to the public

Can be carried out in poor weather conditions

Can be trafficked almost immediately

Reduced maintenance requirements and whole-of-life costs

Significantly improved resistance to moisture and pumping of fines

No risk of shrinkage cracking

Foamed Bitumen Stabilisation

Foamed Bitumen is becoming a solution of choice for the construction of heavily trafficked pavements. It is a highly cost-effective alternative to asphalt and traditional remediation methods and is particularly useful in level-constrained settings where a significant overlay is not feasible.

Foamed Bitumen is quick to deliver and results in a strong and durable basecourse, with viscoelastic performance approaching that of asphalt. The process can also eliminate the need for new aggregates and the end-product can be trafficked almost immediately, making it perfect for environments where works are carried out adjacent to active lanes.

The versatility and successful track record of Foamed Bitumen in a wide range of extreme conditions has led it to be used extensively in Australia, South Africa, the UK, North America, the Middle East and Europe.

Foamed Bitumen is a highly cost-effect alternative to asphalt and traditional remediation methods.


Hiway Group has been the leading industry pioneer in the use of foamed bitumen stabilisation and has proven experience in successfully completing projects in high traffic and highly demanding conditions including motorways and airport runways.

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Design & Project Management

Hiway Group’s engineering team has extensive experience in pavement design and project management.

We offer a range of consultancy services, from pavement investigation, sampling and analysis to bitumen 'foamability' testing and foamed bitumen mix design.

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