Hiway Group was an early pioneer in the use of lime and cement stabilisation of basecourse layers in Australasia, consistently creating pavements with greater strength and performance, and a longer design life.


Remediation of failed pavements

Strengthening of existing pavements

Construction of new pavements

Maintenance patching

Area-wide pavement treatments

Seal smoothing

Improving riding qualities


More cost effective than traditional methodologies

Conserves diminishing aggregate resources

Significantly reduces or eliminates excavation volumes

Quick turn-around process minimises inconvenience to the public

Can be carried out in unfavourable weather conditions

Can be trafficked almost immediately

Reduced maintenance requirements and whole-of-life costs

Significantly improved resistance to moisture and pumping of fines

No risk of shrinkage cracking

Basecourse Stabilisation

Hiway Stabilizers was an early pioneer in the use of cement and lime stabilisation of basecourse layers, consistently creating pavements with greater strength, performance, and a longer design life.

By adding small amounts of stabilising agent to an existing or new granular pavement material we can improve the performance of pavements by modifying in-situ or imported materials, utilising our proprietary binders, specialist blends, polymers or foamed bitumen.


Hiway Group has been carrying out basecourse stabilisation since 1986, developing specialist binders and polymers to enable cost-effective stabilisation for varying aggregate properties, traffic loadings or intended pavement use. Technology advances now enable us to design project specific blended stabilising agents in double or triple blends common with cement and/or lime.

Cost & Carbon Calculator

Use Hiway Group’s carbon calculator to determine your potential carbon emission offsetting and cost savings.

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Design & Project Management

Hiway Group’s engineering team has extensive experience in pavement design and project management.

We offer a range of consultancy services, from pavement investigation, sampling and subgrade analysis, pavement design optimisation, carbon analysis and offsetting to evaluation and solution development for the remediation of contaminated sites.

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