Tooloom Road Rehabilitation Project

The 6m wide existing pavement required a safety upgrade to enable the safe passage of tourism and logging traffic. The badly deformed pavement left the far north town of Urbenville somewhat ‘isolated’ from the remainder of Tenterfield Shire. Tenterfield Shire Council was seeking a best value for money alternative to maximise length of upgrade for the funds available.


Tenterfield Shire Council

Project Scope

Pavement sampling, investigation and design. Upgrade pavement to consistent 8m wide seal on 9m wide strengthened and rehabilitated pavement to allow for a safe 100km/h speed environment.

Project Date

December 2020 - April 2021

Project Aus Tooloom Road 2

Key Challenges

  • Wet weather (morning showers and afternoon storms almost daily).
  • Significant flooding events during construction.
  • Hidden services (not on DBYD plans) with limited records available.
  • Limiting any impact to natural flora and fauna.

Increased Road Strength & User Safety

Over 13km of road was widened, pre-pulverised, reshaped, stabilised and sealed within an 8 week construction period. Reuse of the existing pavement materials with minor overlays and triple blend stabilisation provided a more resilient road for the local community at the best value for money. Minimal imported quarry materials meant finite quarry resources were well managed and haulage impacts on the connecting roads was minimised.

Shape correction, restoration of appropriate crossfalls and the clearing and grading of table drains allows drainage during rain events whilst preventing water sitting on the roadside and weaken the pavement edges. These measures provide safety improvements for road users and reduced travel times.

Local Suppliers & Service Providers

Hiway Stabilizers utilised a team of highly experienced in-house staff and key subcontractors to safely deliver in record timeframes required by council. Local businesses also benefited from supporting the delivery of the project. We maximised the use of local subcontractors thereby satisfying one of council’s key KPI’s.


Minimal Environmental Impacts

Despite the challenges of the weather and the local environment the delivery team proactively managed our Zero Harm commitments for our operations and that of subcontractors. Careful attention to planning and construction processes with environmental controls around waterways meant there were no impacts to the local environment, flora or fauna. Buried services, once identified, were hand potholed prior to stabilisation works.

Project NZ Transmission Gully 1

Transmission Gully

Hiway Stabilizers was engaged by the client to provide a wide range of materials stabilisation and modification across a 27km greenfields four-lane motorway project including four new interchanges and two new link roads.

Project Details

Project NZ Puhoi Warkworth 3

Pūhoi to Warkworth

Pūhoi to Warkworth is the first of two stages for Ara Tūhono, an extension of Auckland’s Northern Motorway on State Highway 1. Hiway Stabilizers are working alongside NX2 to deliver both the stabilised Subgrade and Subgrade Improvement Layer for the 18.5km project.

Project Details

Project Aus Pacific Highway 3

Pacific Highway Upgrade Project

Plant Mixed Foam Bitumen was produced and stockpiled at a nearby quarry, then hauled to the paving sites. The production target at the plant was to be a consistent 1500 tonnes per day with sufficient road haulage vehicles to ensure continuous operation of the paving operations.

Project Details