Hiway Group delivers innovative ground improvement solutions with a commitment to innovation, environmental sustainability and industry leadership.


Construction of new pavements

Moisture conditioning of earthworks for residential subdivisions

Moisture conditioning of earthworks for rail, civil and infrastructure projects

Moisture conditioning of earthworks for industrial and commercial developments

Rehabilitation of existing pavements


Significantly improved subgrade stability with strength gains of up to 20 times

Fewer transport costs and faster construction time through the reuse of existing in-situ materials

Reduces risk of costly earthworks fill and subgrade pavement failures

A robust durable platform that eliminates the need for cloth/grid or imported aggregate

Substantially reduces moisture susceptibility

Reduces plasticity making soils easier to work

More uniform earthworks fill and subgrade layer

Encapsulation and remediation of treated contaminated soils

Dries large volumes of water-logged soil instantly

Addition of moisture to improve load bearing of dry soils

Can be undertaken in any weather conditions

Reduces down-time by enabling earthworks to continue during earthworks shoulder seasons

Enables reduced pavement thickness and improves earthworks fill and subgrade performance

Moisture Conditioning

Moisture conditioning enables large volumes of material to be dried instantly or alternatively to increase moisture of very dry soils to improve compaction. This allows earthworks to continue without delay or risk of quality assurance test failures and rigorous supervision.

Moisture conditioning of wet material using binder is more cost-effective than conventional earthworks drying techniques, and by conditioning wet-of-optimum moisture content soils after a rain episode, earthworks operations can continue immediately, limiting unproductive down-time.

Compared to conventional methods, the use of a stabiliser to add moisture can save up to 50% of the water required and achieve a much more consistent result. In dry remote locations where water is scarce this can provide many benefits.

Earthworks can continue without delay or risk of quality assurance test failures and rigorous supervision.


Hiway Group is committed to delivering solutions with environmental benefits, particularly when considering the treatment of contaminated materials and remediation of contaminated sites to reduce costly excavation and disposal.

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Design & Project Management

Hiway Group’s engineering team has extensive experience in pavement design and project management.

We offer a range of consultancy services, from pavement investigation, sampling and analysis to full pavement design and optimisation.

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