We offer stabilisation and solidification methods to treat and remediate a wide range of environmental issues. Our expertise covers hydrocarbon, heavy metals and complex manufactured chemical contaminants such as PFAS.


Contaminated site remediation

Industrial contamination clean-up

Soils recycling and provision of engineered fill

Solidification and immobilisation of contaminants

Reduced permeability of contaminated soils


Reduced quantities and costs of disposal

Reduced project costs and timeframes using specialist equipment that rapidly treats the contaminated area

Contaminated waste can be reused as engineered fill rather than disposed to landfill

Short design and binder selection process by combining our purpose-built plant with our engineer’s extensive experience

Fast innovative solutions for the most demanding contamination issues

Contamination Remediation

Remediating contaminated soil/aggregate by the introduction and mixing of binders results in a product that has less impact on the surrounding environment. Solidification binds contaminants into a solid, lower permeability (or if necessary impermeable) form, and stabilisation can also change the contaminants so they become less mobile and less toxic.

The solidification and stabilisation methods we utilise means that the treated soil can be reused as engineered fill rather than transporting for disposal at sanitary landfills.

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Design & Project Management

Hiway Group’s engineering team has extensive experience in pavement design and project management.

We offer a range of consultancy services, from pavement investigation, sampling and subgrade analysis, pavement design optimisation, carbon analysis and offsetting to evaluation and solution development for the remediation of contaminated sites.

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