Hiway Group is committed to environmental sustainability and lasting outcomes.


We are continually researching and investing in road and pavement recycling, reuse and lower-cost stabilisation solutions that improve, reuse and conserve natural resources. By efficiently managing and reusing natural materials, we help customers achieve significant time and cost savings while conserving diminishing resources.


New pavement construction

Subgrade and subbase recycling

Aggregate modification

Basecourse improvement and recycling

Road rehabilitation and maintenance patching

Specialist heavy-duty pavements for ports, airports and other heavy-duty requirements

Rail track stabilisation

Fill conditioning

Commercial platform slab optimisation

Residential developments

Pavement smoothing


Soil recycling

Recycled concrete crushing

Materials recycling

Cost & Carbon Calculator

Use Hiway Group’s carbon calculator to determine your potential carbon emission offsetting and cost savings.

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Engineering & Design

Hiway Group is the only specialist stabilisation, recycling and reuse contractor in Australasia to provide extensive in-house design services.

From concept design to delivery, our team provides a ‘one-stop-shop’ for the design of recycled pavements, foam bitumen recycling, stabilising, pavement rehabilitation, heavy duty and overlay pavements.

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