Hiway Group is Australasia’s largest infrastructure, recycling and reuse provider utilising specialist pavement stabilisation technologies. For over three decades, we have been using innovative techniques, quality systems, specialist personnel and expertise, along with our modern purpose-built fleet to introduce leading-edge technologies for our customers.


Hiway Group's reputation as the industry leader in pavement recycling, reuse, construction and rehabilitation is the result of our long-standing commitment to innovation.

We pioneered the use of many of the techniques currently used throughout New Zealand, Australia and the Pacific that improve, reuse and conserve natural resources used in the transport infrastructure (road, rail, ports and airports), mining and power generation sectors.

Solutions Focussed

Our company culture encourages lateral thinking and a ‘solution-based’ attitude, and we are incredibly proud of our track record in presenting sound engineering solutions in challenging situations.

We are equipped to tackle the most demanding of sites, achieving almost instantaneous results and maintaining high production outputs. We operate a large fleet of state-of-the-art, purpose-built specialist plant.

Recent Innovations

The Hiway Group has invested heavily in resolving our clients’ problems over the past 30 years. More recently, our dedicated blue-sky team have been working closely with our customers to identify new innovations across a number of modern-day issues. Recently Hiway Group has developed Hiways Hi-Tex™ for our maintenance sector clients concerned about the treatment of flushed roading infrastructure.

Hiways Hi-Tex™

Historically, the only option to remove bitumen that has flushed to the surface was by using high pressure water texturisation. This however impacts the durability and life expectancy of the pavement and creates a significant environmental problem.

To address this problem Hiway Group has developed Hiways Hi-Tex™ which is an innovative technology that re-texturises the flushed surface without the removal of the surfacing’s designed binder content. This solution is completed rapidly on-site and returns the seal to its original designed volumetrics.  

1 Metre Hybrid Shoulder Stabiliser

Hiway Group’s in-house engineers developed this one-of-a-kind unit for shoulder improvement works that increase network safety with fewer traffic management installations, increased safety for our teams and less time on the road network.

With a 1m stabilisation capability and the computer controlled addition of binders and modifiers this innovation delivers increased quality over traditional skid steer approaches and reuses existing materials to lower carbon footprint and reduce costs.


Hiway Group’s patented chemically engineered product technology Stabilor is a specialist additive to cement that provides increased pavement strength with a reduced crack risk. It also provides for a faster set time whilst retaining cement working time.

Benefits include faster construction, enhanced workability with less water demand and an enhanced resistance to moisture – a very high performance, high strength pavement with improved resistance to cracking that can be trafficked quickly.  

Design & Project Management

Our ‘one-stop-shop’ design and project management service gives clients access to world-leading methodologies, delivered by local experts.

Our experience and expertise cover a variety of recycling, reuse and contamination remediation options and pavement solutions, including heavy duty pavements for port and airport applications, high level structural and modified highway pavements, and optimisation of design life for pavements on low volume roads.

We offer a range of consultancy services, from pavement investigation and materials classification, sampling and subgrade analysis, to optimisation of the pavement design. We also have significant experience in determining the optimum pavement and mix design technologies to deliver the required pavement performance and optimise whole of life costs.