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WA Stabilising

With coverage across all of Western Australia, WA Stabilising provides clients with cost-effective and long-term solutions for infrastructure projects. We offer a wide range of recycling, stabilising, rehabilitation and shoulder improvement services with a strong focus on full-service pavement construction.

WA Stabilising provides a range of subgrade, subbase, basecourse and surface course re-texturisation (Hi-Tex™) recycling, road stabilisation and modification services. We also provide specialist expertise in soil mechanics, ground improvement and contamination remediation involving PFAS, Hydro-carbon and heavy metal contaminants.


As part of the Hiway Group, WA Stabilising brings ongoing innovations to Western Australia, such as ex-situ stabilisation, paver laid basecourse and specialist shoulder improvement recycling utilising the innovative 1 Metre Hybrid shoulder stabiliser.

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Modern Fleet

Offering a wide range of stabilising services from plant hire through to full-service pavement construction, WA Stabilising’s success has been based on bringing innovative processes with modern plant.

Our focus on continuous improvement means our technology and equipment are constantly being developed, refined and updated.

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With in-house design and construction teams, we provide a full range of recycling, stabilising, rehabilitation and aggregate/pavement reuse services that are more environmentally sustainable and cost-effective than traditional transport infrastructure construction and rehabilitation methods.