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Hiway Stabilizers Australia

Supporting customers nationwide, we are the leader in the design and delivery of advanced recycling, reuse and stabilisation solutions for pavements in transport infrastructure (road, rail, ports and airports), capital projects and network maintenance, as well as the wind, solar and mining sectors.

Hiway Stabilizers Australia provides a range of subgrade, subbase, basecourse, surface course and re-texturisation (Hi-Tex™) recycling, stabilisation and modification services. With both in-situ and Ex-situ recycling solutions, Hiway Stabilisers Australia offers solutions to meet all the demands of our Transport Infrastructure clients across Road, Rail, Energy, Ports or Airports. We also provide specialist expertise in soil mechanics, ground improvement and contamination remediation.


Our commitment to innovation, environmental sustainability and industry leadership has seen us develop our own advanced methodologies and stabilising products, and introduce many of the stabilising technologies employed across Australasia today.

With a proven track record of ensuring high quality, lasting outcomes – even in challenging conditions – our in-house design and contracting teams are considered to be industry experts.

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Our expert team provides a proven one-stop-shop for design and construction. We provide a full range of subgrade, subbase and basecourse stabilisation, recycling, reuse and modification services that are more environmentally sustainable and cost-effective than traditional road construction and rehabilitation methods. We also provide specialist contamination remediation services through encapsulation for PFAS, hydrocarbon and heavy metal contaminants.


Hiway Stabilizers is an Accredited Contractor under the AustStab ARRB accreditation scheme. This independent accreditation assures our clients that our processes and practices meet industry best practice standards.

AusStab ARRB 2018 2021