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Industry leader for the remediation and treatment of contaminated sites.


Hiway Environmental

Hiway Environmental is an industry leader in site-specific solutions for remediation and treatment of contaminated sites. By efficiently managing and reusing natural materials, we help customers achieve significant time and cost savings.

Hiway Environmental has delivered some of New Zealand’s largest and most challenging contamination remediation projects. Success in this area has lead to us introduce our environmental services across Australia.

Our commitment to the sustainable use of natural resources is demonstrated company-wide and all of our ground improvement solutions are tailored to maximise re-use, mitigate contaminants and enhance strength and durability.

Innovative Solutions

By combining state-of-the-art technology with experienced and professional personnel who have comprehensive knowledge of binder/soils optimisation we deliver innovative and environmentally sound solutions.

Our specialist services include remediation of contaminated soil, treatment of materials prior to landfill disposal, stabilisation and soil recycling.

Soil Recycling

Utilising our Reterra soil recyclers we are able to recycle soil for improved performance, remediate contaminated soil/aggregate and manufacture binder treated aggregates whilst lowering costs by reducing reliance on labour, materials transport and landfill.

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Contamination Remediation

We offer stabilisation and solidification methods to treat and remediate a wide range of environmental and contamination issues. Our expertise covers hydrocarbon, heavy metals and complex manufactured chemical contaminants such as PFAS.

The contamination remediation methods we use means that the treated soil can be reused as engineered fill rather than transporting for disposal at sanitary landfills.

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