The development of Hiway Group's Reflect Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP) conveys our ambition to advance our reconciliation journey across our Australian businesses.

Our vision is for all our people to respect and embrace the proud heritage of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples, and to actively provide opportunities for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples, places and relationships to be part of our operations and local communities across Australia.

We intend to continue to improve our approach to reconciliation as we build on our successes, report on our progress and set new, more ambitious goals through future RAPs.

First Nations Opportunities

Hiway Group works in a wide variety of locations across Australia, which gives our business opportunities to engage with First Nations communities.

Roads, railways and airports are key assets for any community, especially for access to health services. As specialists in transport infrastructure construction and repair we are able to offer First Nations businesses subcontractor or supplier opportunities and on larger projects to provide training and development opportunities that educate local people on construction, maintenance and plant operation.

RAP Working Group

We have formed a working group which includes members of the Northern, Southern and Western Australian offices to ensure we can develop awareness of the cultural differences that may exist in such a large country. Two of our Working Group members identify themselves as Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people.

Respecting Country

WA Stabilising and the Hiway Group through our exciting partnership with Christine Collard (Jugarnu) a proud Yamaji-Noongar Artist, unveil our special piece of commissioned artwork titled – Respecting Country. Having been given the Jugarnu name by her grandfather, it gives her great pride to carry this Wajarri name in his memory.

We cannot thank Christine enough for creating this unique piece of artwork. The original canvas will be proudly displayed in the WA Stabilising Office, and her artwork will also be seen out and about on some of our fleet.

In Christine’s words this piece is about:

“Respecting country, throughout the journey we take on our beautiful traditional land.

We would like to acknowledge and pay our deepest respect to the past and present elders throughout our beautiful country we live and work on today.

Over the years we saw and had many changes on our beautiful land, our country, our home.

Our traditional custodians walked many miles, made many tracks, and shared many things throughout their journey and changes in time.

Through these changes tracks became roads, then roads became highways which we work and travel today.

Through our travels we respect the beauty of our land and the seasons we encounter on each and every journey.”