Hiway Group started off in 1986 as Hiway Stabilizers, a road construction company based out of New Zealand. Our core businesses were initially new pavement construction and pavement stabilisation.

Over three decades later we have offices throughout Australia and New Zealand, with over 200 design, operational, consultancy and management team members.


In the early days of Hiway Stabilizers, pavement construction methods and materials were quite different to those we use today. With a drive for continuous improvement, we have pioneered many of the techniques now widely used throughout Australia and New Zealand. In particular, the use of Foamed Bitumen Recycling was an early innovation of Hiway Stabilizers and is now used extensively in New Zealand, Australia, the UK, South Africa, North America, the Middle East and Europe. We are equally proud of Hiways Hi-Tex™ which we developed as a superior method of retexturising roading surfaces.


One of the biggest differences in the way our work has changed over the past three decades is our focus on sustainability and effective use of limited resources. We first began recycling materials in 1986 and have continued to find ways to reuse and recycle. We have specialist teams in each area of our business dedicated to research and development of sustainable materials and environmentally friendly processes wherever possible.

Giving Back

Whether it’s through the projects we deliver, or the way we operate as a business, Hiway Group is committed to making a positive impact on the community.

Over the years, this philosophy has seen us support a number of worthwhile causes and not-for-profit organisations. We also believe it is vital to give back to our industry and offer annual scholarships to tertiary level students.

Our Values

Hiway Group’s values of PRIDE, RESPECT, HONESTY and DRIVE were developed by our employees, for our employees. They shape the culture of the business and deliver positive outcomes for our customers.

Our staff have embraced these values and take Pride in the work they do, Respect each other and our customers, talk openly and Honestly to resolve problems and have Drive to get the job done and exceed our customers expectations.

Key Personnel

Hiway Group has highly experienced design, operational, advisory and management team members throughout Australia and New Zealand. Over the past three decades our teams have grown steadily to represent the markets we serve. This enables us to bring local area knowledge and an understanding of regional regulatory obligations to the projects we undertake.

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